Whistler, BC – WSSF Big Air

I’m back in one of my favorite places! Whistler, BC has been sort of a second home for me, it has one of the best terrain parks there is and it is basically on my doorstep.

This weekend the Whistler Ski and Snowboard Festival is on and I am so hyped to be here! This event has been cancelled the past couple years which is a bummer because it is one of the best events of the season and it's finally back!

We had our first day of practice yesterday and it was pretty rainy and windy so not much went down. But today we have the 10-man final happening and I am hyped!

It is a jam style format tonight which means each athlete will get about 5 contest jumps, with 2 of them counting. This is my favourite type of format because it helps take some of the pressure off since you get so many more contest jumps!

This contest was intense. At the beginning of the jam I came out and put down a score of 90.00. I was stoked on having one solid score on the board because now I could go for my big trick a few times and land it exactly the way I want and hopefully put down a banger score! I put down a couple scores in the 90’s towards the end of the Jam but right before my final jump I found out that I was in 4th place. I knew I had what it took to get on the podium, and I wanted to end the season on a high note, so I got super focused and went faster than I have all night into the jump and landed my double cork 16 on the last hit! My score came in at a 96.00, which is one of the highest scores I have ever had and that score secured my spot in 3rd place!

I am so stoked to end the season on the podium, especially after being unlucky at the past couple big air events. Having this podium is going to be great for my confidence going into next season!

The Podium!

The Podium!

In my next post all these words will come to life in an amazing edit from the finals by Brody Jones!