World Cup Championships, Italy – Practice and Course Preview

It’s hard to believe it's the end of the World Cup season already! No better way to end it than with this amazing course in Italy! I am definitely getting a little beat down because I have been on the road for so long going from contest to contest, but at the same time it’s the best thing ever!

This course is one of my favourites because of how well it flows and how well the jumps are built. The jumps in this course are definitely smaller than most World Cup courses, but even if these jumps are 45-60ft, they are built so well that you can do the same type of tricks as a 70-80ft jump, which is awesome! Bigger is not always better in the ski world!

Today was a great day!  The course was just as good as I remember it being, which was awesome. The rails were definitely harder this year than in previous years, and I had a tough time putting a solid line together, but I know what I want to do in my head and sometimes just sleeping on it and trying the next day really helps, rather than getting all worked up about it!

I have a pretty cool 3D course preview to share with you to give you a better look at the features I am talking about, take a look!

Hopefully I can pull my rails together for the contest! Stay tuned!