Soldiers, Czech Republic – Qualifiers

Today was a big day! This was one of the more stressful qualifiers I have been through. The format for today was built for consistency, we had 4 jumps of which 3 of those jumps counted towards your final score. 2 of the jumps had to be technical tricks (which were the harder tricks in our repertoire) and the 1 other jump had to be a style trick that was under a 720.

It was definitely a mind game out there for me today. Knowing that I only had two shots to land 2 tech tricks and a style trick, or else it was game over. I came up with a game plan to get the 2 technical tricks out of the way first. I started with my go-to trick, which is the double 1260 blunt and landed that one clean. In my second run I put down a little less comfortable trick, right-side double cork 1260 lead tail, but still managed to stomp it! It felt so great to get the tech tricks out of the way with no mistakes. I had 2 jumps left to land my style trick, and luckily for me I stomped it on the 3rd hit so I had a 4th hit left to improve on anything I wanted! I just took it mellow on the 4th hit because I landed everything the way I wanted to, which was awesome!

The one thing that made the contest even more nerve racking was that there were no live scores to see or any scores at all for that matter. Once qualifiers were over I didn’t even know where I had finished until tonight! It took them all day to calculate scores, which was so stressful, but I managed to squeak my way into the 16-man final and ended up qualifying 8th.

Flying Through Qualies!

Flying Through Qualies!

Czech pic 2.JPG

Tomorrow the finals will bring yet another format for us to endure! Stay tuned to see how it goes for me!


Noah Morrison