Destne, Czech Republic – Soldiers Night Mission

This trip has been crazy so far! We have been bouncing from country to country over the past few weeks but I love it! The team and I have just arrived in the small town of Destne in the Czech Republic for the Soldiers Big Air contest! I have been to this event before and it is a hell of a time!

Today we got to test the jump out a little bit and get the feel for it, it’s a legit jump, not too big but its smooth and the speed is great. Tonight was all about the night mission! The night mission is a fun event before the actual contest. All of the skiers pick teams of 3 and we put on an awesome show for the big crowd that comes to watch us and at the end the judges pick a team to win some prizes! I teamed up with fellow Canadians Max Moffat and Matt Wilcox. It was such a rad time and so much fun to mess around. We did everything from holding hands off the jump to doing tricks within inches of each other. It’s definitely an adrenaline rush and so sick to see the crowd getting stoked!

Check out some photos from the night mission!

Flying through the air with the boys! 📸:  Lukas Wagneter

Flying through the air with the boys!
📸: Lukas Wagneter

Trying to hold hands… didn’t work so well 😂 📸:  Lukas Wagneter

Trying to hold hands… didn’t work so well 😂
📸: Lukas Wagneter

Unfortunately, our team didn’t win, but we had an amazing time and I think the crowd did as well!

Tomorrow the contest begins and there is a unique format to go with it. Stay tuned to see how it all goes down!