Silvaplana, SUI – World Cup Qualifications

Straight off the plane and back into the European mountains for the next World Cup! I have had a rough couple days getting adjusted to the time zone change… I have probably had some of the worst sleeps of my entire life trying to get adjusted. The night before our first practice I only got 1 hour of sleep…. Needless to say it was a pretty unproductive practice so I didn’t get many action shots from then.

Before I knew it qualifications were already beginning. I didn’t get much done in training because I was so exhausted so I was a little bit stressed out when my run came around. I managed to put my first run down almost exactly the way I wanted to which was an awesome surprise! I scored a 77.00, which was ok, but I knew I needed to do better. Now that I had one run in the bag I was really starting to feel it and I just wanted to secure a spot in the finals.

I noticed that the judges here are being very very picky about everything in your run being absolutely perfect. One tiny slip up could be a difference of about 10 points it seemed like. On my first run the only thing I could point out wrong was that I may have been docked for my lack of amplitude on the 3rd jump, and I may have not held the grab long enough.

So for the second run I was going to make sure I held that grab longer and went huge on jump 3 and I did just that! I remember coming into that 3rd jump and telling myself to go as fast as I could and I went pretty big! My second run bumped my score up to an 85.00, which put me into 3rd place and secured me a spot into the finals!

Silvaplana WC pic 2.JPG

It was an amazing feeling being able to pull it all together after not having the greatest sleeps and feeling very run down, so I am super hyped to be in the finals!!

Stay tuned for action from the finals coming soon!