Aspen, CO – Pushing Through The Pain

This morning was pretty much how I expected it would feel after yesterday. I woke up and couldn’t walk that well and was in quite a lot of pain.

Most of the crew went out for practice and I stayed inside the hotel room for a bit trying to ice and stretch my hip out. After about an hour of lying in bed in the room I was already going crazy. It was a perfect day outside and the last day of training before qualifiers, so I decided I was going to take some medicine, put my gear on, and try to go squeeze in a little bit of training before the contest.

The first couple runs I took down the course were pretty painful, but after hitting the jumps a couple times I think a combination of the Advil and adrenaline kicked in and I was starting to feel a bit better. I managed to get some of my set ups done for my run which was more than I thought I was going to be able to do today so that’s a plus!  

I was also was able to snap a couple pics with Brody, check em out!

Catching some rays 

Catching some rays 

Aspen practice pic 2.JPG

Qualifiers are going down tomorrow and I am hoping I'll be a little less sore and able to pull it together in my run after this hectic couple days!