Aspen, CO – Hospital Visit 🏥

We're back in Aspen for the Slopestyle and Big Air Nor-Am event! We traveled here from the Calgary event and went straight into the first day of practice.

The first day of practice was not what I was expecting. As you know, injuries can be apart of our sport, and I have been lucky enough to sustain very little of them over the past few years. Today was a little different, everything was going great in the morning of training, I was feeling pretty comfy on the course. In the afternoon I decided I would try to work on the top rail section and maybe learn some new and harder tricks for the contest. I was working on a switch right 450 onto the second rail feature which I had never done before. I gave it a shot after doing some set up tricks and I put it down to my feet on the first try and I was so stoked! So the next lap I went to do it again so I knew I could do it consistently for the contest, I may have gotten a little too comfortable too quick and on my second shot at it I came up short and smashed my hip and pelvis onto the ice.

I immediately couldn’t breathe and thought I broke something, and unfortunately had to be hauled off the mountain in a sled.

I went to the hospital for some X-rays and thankfully nothing is broken and they said I might be able to ski but I will have some pain. So right now I am stretching, icing and taking anti-inflammatory medicine so that hopefully I can wake up tomorrow and be able to ski for day 2 of training. Sometimes this kind of thing happens, but you just have to push through it and stay positive! I will keep you updated!