Aspen, CO – The Long One

It was a bright and early start for me this morning with a 7am wake up call and on the hill jumping by 8:30…. Definitely a little to early for me haha! The good thing was that I woke up to a banger day so that made it a little easier to get out of bed.

It was basically straight to the show this morning, a couple laps of training and then straight into semi’s. I dropped in the middle of the pack, which is in my opinion the best place to drop in. My hip/pelvis was definitely feeling better than yesterday and I was feeling super on point today!

I dropped in for my first run and everything went pretty much perfectly how I planned except a few minor bobbles. My score came in and it was in the high 80’s, which had pretty much guaranteed me a spot into the finals so I was hyped! On my second run I decided I might as well go for it cause I had nothing to lose. I tried my harder run that I was going to do in finals and ended up landing it perfectly and scoring a 93! I was super stoked my run scored into the 90’s and it definitely gave me a lot of confidence going into the finals!

After semi’s was over we had about 45 minutes to kill, which was just enough time to grab a snack and some water before heading back out. We got one practice lap and then it was game time! I still was feeling like I had energy left which was awesome, the only thing that changed was that the wind picked up a little bit so I had to be very cautious coming into the jumps so I didn’t get blown down the landing too far.

On my first run I came up short on the second jump and took a fall because of the wind switching directions on me. Once the second run came around I was definitely feeling the nerves flowing. The wind was kind of all over the place and it had taken out a few of the finalists already. I started my second run with the rail section and everything went the best it had gone all week, and that set the mood for the run. In my head I knew I had it and I was sure I was going to land, but on the second jump I caught a gust of wind which took me so far down the landing there was no way I could put it to my feet and I slammed down pretty hard. I was ok but very, very frustrated, and I kind of hit the spot on my hip/pelvis where I have been hurt so that didn’t help things. I ended up finishing 15th, not the result I wanted but better than I was expecting considering the crash.

By this point I was exhausted. It was about 2:30pm and training was about to start for the big air contest. I decided I was going to sacrifice most of the training so I could get something to eat and hydrate myself. I figured this would be the only way I would be able to make it to the end of the day, especially after taking a hard fall in slope finals and having not much energy left. I made it out in time for 2 practice laps and then qualifiers for big air was on. There were 2 heats of about 30 athletes each and the top 5 from each heat would go through to the 10 man final tomorrow. It was a risky move skipping some of the practice but I was able to pull myself together and put down a trick that I was pretty confident would get me into finals, and it did just that. I qualified 3rd in my heat and was moving onto finals! It was definitely a great feeling after having bad luck in the slope finals to be able to have another shot at a podium for tomorrow! And what a relief it was after the day was done, now all I have to do is focus all of my energy and rest on the big air finals tomorrow morning!! 

Stay tuned for the big air finals!

Flying over the judges

Flying over the judges