Aspen, CO – Qualifiers

After a couple rough days of practice after my injury, it's time to get into contest mode! It is definitely a little hard coming off a fall and having to compete a couple days later, but the good thing is I am not making anything in my body worse by skiing, I just have to fight through the pain it's causing me.

Since there are so many athletes competing at this contest we have to do qualifiers, semi finals, and finals. The way it works this time is that there are 4 heats of about 25 athletes. The top 2 from each heat go straight to finals and then the next best 4 scores from each heat go into a 16-man semi final where 8 go through to finals and those skiers will join the prequalified 8 to make a 16 man final. It is definitely a ton more contest skiing than normal and a little bit more stress but that’s the way she goes!

I managed to put down a run that put me in 4th place in my heat, which unfortunately was not enough to qualify me straight through to finals, I was definitely a little bummed to not be straight to finals, but at this point after everything I was just happy to be advancing to the next round.

Tomorrow is going to be an intense day… I have to compete in semi-finals in the morning, and if I advance I will go into finals straight after.  Then directly after the slopestyle finals is the Big Air qualifiers…. Tonight I am going to ice, stretch, and rest as much as I can; tomorrow is going to be a big one!

Aspen qualifiers pic 1.JPG

Stay tuned!