Calgary, AB – Finals

I can’t believe the weather change we had over night! I woke up this morning for finals not knowing what to expect, but to my surprise I looked outside and it was a perfect bluebird day.

It doesn’t happen to often we get that good of a day for a competition, and when we do get days like today, it goes off!

When the sun is out like it was today it definitely makes the contest vibe a bit more intense. Everyone knows that everyone else with be throwing their best tricks so you have to be on it! I came into practice feeling ready so I just took it super mellow and got my speed on the jumps. Finals began shortly after practice, and as per usual it was game on!

📸: Brody Jones ( @brodyjonescinema )

📸: Brody Jones (@brodyjonescinema)

On my first run I probably did one of best rail lines I had done all week so it started off great. I got to the 1st jump and may have gotten a little to excited and set a little bit to hard which caused me to catch an edge on the take off and fall. Luckily today the weather wasn’t bad so I was able to get back in the zone for my second run really quick and I was actually more excited than nervous for my next run because I knew I could land it and do well.

So run 2 came around and I started to get pretty nervous, but a good type of nervous. I dropped in hoping to clean the rails as well as I did the run previous and I did! When I am going down the run in a contest I usually do a checklist until the very end. For example I focus everything on the 1st rail feature, then once I stomp that one my brain switches to the next until I get to the bottom! It’s a good way to not overwhelm your brain during the contest! Anyway after I checked off the rails it was jump time. I made sure I mellowed out my set on the first jump and I stomped it! After I landed the first one I was on cruise control, I put down the rest of my run and was so hyped I thought I had for sure landed on the podium.

I got back to the top and checked my score and my second run had put me in 5th place for the final result. I was definitely very bummed I didn’t get onto the podium, but I was also proud of myself for throwing down my hardest and I was happy for the other Canadian boys on the podium - they all slayed it!

In my next post we will have an amazing video from Calgary put together by Brody Jones!

In the meantime, check some photos out from the rad day today!

As always photos are by Brody Jones (@brodyjonescinema)

📸: Brody Jones ( @brodyjonescinema )

📸: Brody Jones (@brodyjonescinema)