Calgary, AB – Snow, Snow, and Snow

Qualification day is upon us, and it is dumping snow. I took yesterday's training pretty mellow seeing as I have been shredding here for so long! Anyway when I woke up in the morning I honestly thought there was not a chance we were going to be competing today, it was a full-blown blizzard.

I was starting in the first heat of the day, which in the end turned out to be the heat that had the worst weather… We started training at around 8:30am in the snowstorm and I could barely get enough speed to make it onto the rails at the top. After a couple laps of everyone trying to make the jumps we were going to call it off. For some reason everyone who was running the event was pushing for it to go today but most of the athletes were saying it was unsafe. After a bit of arguing they decided they were going to run the event but take out the last jump because there was literally no speed. At this point it was game on, so I switched my run around completely so that I would have enough speed for all the features, it was a pretty stressful practice to say the least… 

Practice was over shortly after the meeting and it was go time. The weather wasn’t getting any better but I just told myself it is what it is and to just go out and put down a run so I could make it into finals. I dropped in for my first run in the blizzard and everything was going great until the final jump. I went as fast as I could into the last jump but it wasn’t enough. I was so frustrated when I fell, I was so angry at the decision to run the contest in this weather and couldn’t help my self I was so mad. I used the anger to my advantage in my second run, I literally dropped into my second run mad and red in the face, but it worked. I put down a run and qualified 1st into finals. 

After such an intense and stressful day it was so nice to chill out for the rest of the day knowing that I was safe for finals and that I was still healthy! 

Finals are going down tomorrow and I am really hoping the weather is good! 

Here are a few dark photos from Calgary, it goes well with this dark gloomy weather day we had haha!