Mammoth, CA – Qualifications Round 1

As usual at the Mammoth World Cup we were supposed to compete yesterday, but strong winds and snow caused us to have the push the contest to today, which was definitely the safest call for everybody.

This event is stacked, and what I mean by that is all of the best competitors in the world are here because this is one of the last Olympic Qualifier events happening before the Olympic Winter Games begin. I am definitely used to some hard competition so its nothing new for me, the only thing that was getting to me was that this course was proving very difficult for me to be consistent on. Once the contest started I was feeling a bit more nervous than usual because my run was not working out in training and the speed on the jumps was a little off for me.

As usual there were around 80 competitors, of which 16 move onto finals in this event, so you had to be in the top 4 in each heat of 20 to qualify through to finals.

I struggled on my first run and wasn’t able to put down a good score with the run I had trained because the speed was so different today. On my second run I knew I was going to have to switch some tricks around so that I would have enough speed for certain features. I hadn't practiced the new run I was going to put down, but sometimes this is the kind of thing you have to do if you want to make it into the finals! So I just dropped into my second run knowing that I had the power to land this run, and lo and behold I manage to stick it to my feet and qualify in 4th place into finals with a score of 85.00!

Cheesing after making finals!

Cheesing after making finals!

I was really proud I was able to pull out a run that I hadn’t been training and make I to the finals in such a deep field of guys, and that’s the kind of stuff that gets me fired up!

Since the contest got delayed by a day we are going to have one of the most insane days of competing tomorrow that I think I will have ever done…

Stay tuned to hear why!