Mammoth, CA – The Big Day

Today was hands down the craziest day of competing I have ever done in my life. Since we had a weather day before qualifications and we also had to run 2 contests, it pushed the schedule back causing today to be jam-packed full of competing. Because of this set back they had to run a 2 run final this morning around 9am for the first contest, in which I had qualified for yesterday. After the first final they were immediately running the qualifications for contest #2 and then immediately running a 3 run final after qualifiers for contest #2. So if I make finals again that’s a total of 7 contest runs in one day… which would definitely be a new record…

Let's start off with the first finals. Since I knew it was going to be a potentially long day, I tried to focus my mind on the present and not think about everything that was going to happen after the first contest. It is hard to keep the mind strong when you know that there is so much happening in one day, and usually after a final the only thing you want to do is chill out and rest the body and mind. All this was going through my head but I just tried to focus on the task at hand. It was a 16 man final and I managed to put one of my runs down but it wasn’t as clean as I wanted it to be. I ended up scoring an 80, which put me into 13th position for the final. I was a little bummed of course, but the good part was that I had another chance right away to try again!

The second contest qualification started and I was definitely a little tired from the first final but I had to push through, it was all a mental game at this point. I managed to put a run down good enough to qualify into the 10-man final, which at this point was a big feat in itself after all the skiing I had done! By this point I was exhausted and my mind was on edge. I knew I had the tricks to be at the top, but I was very mentally strained. I really wanted to go for it in this final seeing as how we had 3 runs so I was trying to step up my game on the last jump and do a bigger trick that I don’t usually put in my run! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to put it down clean enough and finished the second contest in 9th place. I am still happy with my decision to go for it, when I push myself in competitions it makes me a stronger skier for the future.

I am still very proud of myself for making into both of the finals, and pushing through the most mentally straining day of competing I have had yet! This year has been going great for me so far and I am excited to keep this train rolling!

Brody has put together an amazing video of this trip for your enjoyment, Check it out!!