Aspen, CO – Go Time

The contest is on! I woke up this morning feeling a bit more nervous than usual, but sometimes that is a good thing, it keeps me on my toes! I kept practice in the morning fairly mellow as I always do right before the contest starts, I try and pick the one thing in my run that I may be the least comfortable with and focus on that for the training block.

Before I knew it, it was my turn to drop in for my contest run. By this point I was feeling way less nervous than I was earlier which was sick. I dropped into my first run and put it down exactly how I wanted to! It is such a good feeling putting down my run right off the bat cause all I have left to do is improve it on run number 2! My first run score was an 86.0, which I was really hyped on. They were only taking the top 4 scores to finals like normal and I thought that with an 86.0 I would be in for sure, but by the time my next run rolled around I was 3 spots out of finals. At this point I had nothing to lose, so I increased the difficulty on my second run as best I could and put down another run that I was very happy with. I scored an 88.0 on my second run but unfortunately the heat I was in was super stacked with lots of the top guys, I ended missing out on finals by 2 spots and ended up finishing 19th overall.

I was a little bummed out but I knew I gave it my best and I was proud of myself for that. Plus in 2 days we get another contest on the exact same course so we get another chance to do well!

Getting focused at the top of the course with coach Gab!

Getting focused at the top of the course with coach Gab!

Here is a shot of the last jump that Brody got of me today!

Wish me luck for the next contest!