Font Romeu – Qualifications Day Attempt #1

It was an interesting couple of days here for the qualifications in Font Romeu! I woke up feeling so ready to go and compete and kill it on the course. Unfortunately Mother Nature was not on our side this morning. It was completely fogged in on the course and the winds were still blowing from the day before. Our only option was to try and wait it out in the small café at the bottom of the hill.

There are 4 heats of men for the qualifications and I happened to be in heat 4, which was the last heat to go for the day. Originally I was supposed to start training at around 11am, but because of the weather hold I wasn’t even sure what was going to happen. We got to the hill around 9am and kept ourselves busy in the café playing mindless games with everyone and it was actually a great time! Around 1130am we got the call that they were going to run the contest so everyone from the early heats went out to train. When we got the call I started to get re focused again, I watched everyone compete from the early heats and it got me so stoked to go lay down my run! It was about 2pm when our training for heat 4 was about to start, I was literally about to drop in for my first training run feeling so good and then we suddenly got the call that our qualification had been pushed to the next day…. I was pretty bummed because I was feeling really ready but there was nothing I could do!

Right before they told me the contest was postponed until tomorrow haha!

Right before they told me the contest was postponed until tomorrow haha!

On another note my ski bag still is nowhere to be found… So looks like ill be competing in the kit pictured above! Thanks to my buddies for all the stuff!

Look out for the next post showing how qualifications went!