Travel Days – Aspen, Colorado

Aspen were coming for you! Stoked to be back on the road, even after only a couple weeks of not competing I start to get that itch to compete again. On this trip Psiphon has brought a long a fellow friend of mine who is a filmer/photographer, which I am super stoked on! His name is Brody Jones and he is also from the same town I am from, he is very talented and having him travel with me means we are going to have some top notch content coming at you!

Today we are traveling to Aspen Colorado for yet another World Cup. Travel days can be long and tedious, I used to dread travel days, but the more I traveled the more I learnt to embrace everything around me. Its easy to get stressed about traveling and airports and so on, but if you think of it like a rest day or a day off and just chill out, watch a few movies, and enjoy the view from the plane, it can be very relaxing and you really appreciate everything around you.

Anyway there is my spiel on traveling haha! Here are a few pics from my travel day to Aspen!

Photos by Brody Jones (@brodyjonescinema)

Stay tuned for more content from the trip coming your way!