Contest Time! Jossi Wells Invitational Day 3

After another day of down time after the practice day, we finally had a banger day for the contest! I woke up feeling great and ready to send it! Yesterday it actually rained on the jump which I thought would be bad…. but it ended making the jump even better for the contest somehow which I found really funny haha.

Photo by Rachel Bock

Photo by Rachel Bock

Anyway we had a ton of practice before the contest this morning which was nice. Also instead of the normal contest format where we get 2 or 3 runs each, we had what is called a jam format for qualifications. The jam format consist of all the riders shredding the jump for about 2 hours and doing as many jumps as you can. The judges pick the top 6 riders based on how well they are performing in the jam session. I was feeling great during the jam, It just felt like one big shred session with all my friends and it was way less pressure than a normal format. I was super stoked on my skiing and it ended up getting me into the finals which was awesome!

Floating my way into finals!  Photo by Shay Williams

Floating my way into finals!

Photo by Shay Williams

Now that finals was on, my nerves were going up but in a good way. I knew I would have to throw the triple cork 16 to be in the top 3. The finals format was put to 3 jumps for each of us and best 2 count, so you have to land 2 separate tricks and they combine the score. I was a bit nervous to throw the triple cause it had been a while, but I got laser focused at the top of the in run and sent it! I ended up stomping it and was so stoked! Now all I had to do was put down my other trick which was a double cork 16, one less flip than the triple. I was feeling great about it when I got to the top had no doubts in my mind about it. Then unfortunately I took a little bit of a fall on it, and it wasn’t a bad crash at all but I somehow managed to tweak my ribs pretty bad because I landed a bit sideways, and unfortunately could not take my last jump and I ended up in 6th place. Good news is there is nothing serious wrong with my ribs and ill be good to go in a couple weeks.

I was so close to getting it but thats the way it goes sometimes and you just have to take it with a grain of salt and move on. I am still very happy with the way I skied and I'm going to take that stoke into the upcoming season! Shoutout to everyone watching and everyone who put on the amazing event!

Check out these shots from the contest! The first 3 shots are from qualifiers and the last one is the triple from finals!