Step up Freeski Tour, Quebec - Qualifiers

The qualifiers for the step up freeski tour in Quebec went down today! We have had training for the past 2 days and it was a really nice change to be shredding in somewhat warm weather! (Weird for Quebec to be warm…)

The course was a lot of fun; it consisted of 2 jumps and 3 rails. Another great thing about the course location was that it was on a small hill, which means really fast laps. We timed it and i'm sure that a full lap up the chair and down the entire park took only about 5 mins, which was crazy! The jumps were pretty mellow and easy to get speed for. The rails on the other hand were some of the more difficult I have had to ski in competition. It was pretty hard to land a rail run that was consistent every time, but I figured out a run that would put me in a good spot and that was also consistent enough for me to land most of the time.  

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So we had a perfect day for qualifiers it literally couldn’t be better. Perfect blue skies, 5 degrees, soft landings and no wind. I was feeling really focused and ready to kill it! Everyone was skiing well and it made me want to do well.

I laid down my first run clean and scored an 88.00, which put me into first for run 1. By run 2 I was sitting in second and I was already qualified through to the finals so I thought I would try and up my run for fun. It ended up working out really well and I stomped an even better run than my first and ended up qualifying 1st overall going into finals with a 93.00!

Finals is going down tomorrow and I am feeling really confident going in! The weather is looking a little snowy but I think we will all be able to manage. Tomorrow we get 3 runs and the best counts so it should be a crazy final! Stay tuned and wish me luck!