Step up Freeski Tour, Quebec - Finals

Woke up this morning feeling great for finals, the weather wasn’t as good as yesterday just a bit overcast but it was still good enough to shred ! We got 90 minutes of training before the contest, which with that fast lap was more than enough. I knew I would maybe have to up my run a little bit to secure a spot on the podium so I practiced a little bit more difficult rail run in the morning to throw down in finals.

We got to have 3 runs today, which was sweet because it takes a bit more of the pressure off. So for my first rune I started off with the run I did yesterday which scored me a 93.00. I had a slight bobble on my run but otherwise was perfect and I thought it would score me quite good. I ended up getting an 80.00 on run 1 which I was not to happy with and I figured alright its finals they must need perfection for a good score.

On my second run I got focused and put down the run I wanted without any mistakes. Once I got to the top I looked at the scoreboard and once again scored an 80.00 the exact same as run one. At this point I was really frustrated because the same run that scored me high yesterday was not working today. I stood at the top of the drop in and blasted my music until it was my turn to drop.

On my third and final run I was in the start gate and the last guy to drop. I was ready to throw down and get onto the podium. So I dropped in and did a run that I have not done yet and put it to my feet with one slight bobble that cost me a spot on the podium. Everything was going so well up until the last rail when I came off about 1 foot early. I spoke to the judges and they said if I would have cleared that last bit of rail I would have been on the podium. It’s a hard and frustrating thing to hear but that’s just the way it was. Because of that bobble I ended up in 6th place. I was pretty bummed and frustrated but what can you do.

Switch dub on jump 2

Switch dub on jump 2

I tried to take the good out of today and see that I finished that last comp of the season in not a bad spot and I still had my health! I just have to take it for what it is and grow from it!

Its crazy to think the contest season is over but I am super stoked on how this season went it was definitely the best one I have had to date! There will still be a lot going on this summer for me so stay tuned and follow me through it!