It's a wrap! Season 16/17 Review Q&A

1.     Best run of the season?

My best run of the season would have had to be my run that I put down in Italy at the World Cup which got me a 4th place finish. Check out the run here! 


2.     Best result?

This season was definitely one for the books! My best result was my 3rd place at the Nanshan Freeski Open in China. It was such a fun event with tons of awesome people and I cant wait to go back! You can see my run here! 


3.     How does the 16/17 season compare to previous years?

This season was amazing as I said before, and I think compared to previous years it was the most stress free year I have had which made it an absolute blast! I got to travel around and ski in some awesome places with my friends, what is better than that? I also can’t thank Psiphon enough for their support all year, such an amazing company doing amazing things for people, they were a big part of my success!


4.     Most memorable city?

Most memorable city would have to be Beijing, China. It was so cool to experience some of the Chinese culture and see how they live, what they ate it was just so cool being over there!


5.     Biggest slam?

I think one of my biggest Slams this season would have to be in Australia in the summer when I lost my ski on the take off trying a triple… it was so terrifying, you can actually see the video of it here!


6.     Your favourite skier?

I think my favourite skier this year would have to be Gus Kenworthy. He just skies so consistent in contest and I think he has really dope style, it gets me hyped watching him shred!


7.     Best party?

Best party this year would also have to be in Beijing. They took us to one the clubs in downtown Beijing and put us in the VIP booths and brought us alcohol all night long until 5am….it was pretty awesome and I have probably never danced so hard in my life, but needless to say the next day was a rough one….


8.     Plans for the summer?

This summer I’m going to be in Whistler for July coaching up at Momentum Ski Camps for a couple weeks and that’s always a good time! And then after that im planning on hitting the southern hemisphere again to go ski in their winter and start the summer contest season! There’s really only couple months or so when I’m not skiing, but I don’t mind because I find it really helps me if I take a bit of time off then get back to it strong! I am also taking a little vacay to Mexico next week with a few of my buddies, which should be an awesome time!


9.     Goals for next season?

My Goal for the upcoming season is going to be trying to qualify for the Olympics. We have a lot of World Cups coming up next year and if I do good enough at those I might have a shot at the 2018 Olympics in Korea! I also really want to keep competing in X-Games and hopefully earn myself a medal!