World Cup Big Air Finals

I was feeling really good going into finals. It was a pretty stacked field of riders in the final so I knew it was going to be a tough one! Finals format switches from best 1 out of 2 jumps to best 2 out of 3. So in training I started working on another trick I could put down for my best 2 scores to be high. Training went super well and the jump was running perfect. I did a couple switch dub 12s which are still a relatively new trick for me to do in competition so I was really stoked to be doing them.

My plan in finals was to put down the switch double 12 first to get a score and then go for my double 16 again. Unfortunately I just couldn’t put the switch dub 12 down the way I wanted the first 2 tries and didn’t have a decent score. So I thought I might as well just do my big trick anyway and see how good I could do it. So on my last hit I did probably the best double cork 16 tail of my life, which I was so stoked on! Because I didn’t have a good 2nd score I was only able to grab 8th place this time.

All in all I was super stoked to be pushing myself in contest and I was having more fun in that contest than I have had in a while and I think that came out in my skiing.

I am now off to the last contest of the season which is located in Quebec ! Stoked to be competing in the home country for once! Stay tuned for more coming from that.