X-Games Recap

Well X-Games is over! I had an amazing time out in Norway this year. The jump was super nice and the vibes were awesome!  

The first couple of nights we had training, which was awesome, because I got to sleep in and chill all day, which we don’t normally do, and then shred at night! The first couple nights were a bit of a struggle with the speed hitting the jump It was so warm during the day and then it cooled off at night it made the snow a weird kind of icy but we made it work!

Another thing that was great this year is that my girlfriend Sam got to tag along for the trip! It was super fun having her there for support!

Qualifiers went down during the day which was nice and the speed was the best it’s been! I was in Heat 1, which consisted of 8 riders in a 23 minute Jam session which the top 3 best scores made it through. I really like the Jam session format because it takes a little bit of pressure off and its more like a jump session with your friends!

I was the first person to drop in the contest which I usually don’t do haha. I started out with a mellow trick to kicks things off! I put down a decent score then started going for my big stuff. I landed one of the best double cork 16s I have ever done on my 4th hit and got quite a good score. The way the format worked is that they were taking the best 2 scores combined so I still needed to put down one more trick. On the final hit I went for a triple cork 1620 but I ended up only doing a triple cork 1440 and kind of missing my grab. Unfortunately it wasn't quite enough to qualify for finals. I was still really stoked on how I was skiing and it just gets the fire going for the next event!! 

It was great to be apart of the X-Games again, every time I compete there its like a dream come true!

Now X-Games isn’t complete without an afterparty… and we definitely afterpartied…. Sam and I had to catch a 430am shuttle to the train station to catch our 530am train to the airport… So we decided that we just weren’t going to sleep and party the whole night through. Oh ya if you ever want to have a drink somewhere in Norway I suggest you don’t because it’s the most expensive place to drink I have ever been!! Anyway I thought there was no way we were gunna make it all night and not sleep… but we actually somehow pulled it off and managed to party all night long and then both make our flights that day.. needless to say, it was a rough one haha!

I am back home now and looking forward to heading back to Norway soon to compete in the next World Cup Big Air! The season is almost over already which is crazy but I am super stoked on how it’s been going so far! :D

Stay tuned,