Mammoth Mountain/Travel from Hell

So Mammoth Mountain World cup was a complete write off… I arrived a day late because I was flying back from the Italy World Cup so I only got one day of training in and that ended up being the only day I got to see the sun. Basically the next four days was everyone attempting to go skiing but the strong winds and a crazy snowfall weren’t letting us do anything. One of the nights we got over a foot of snow…. And the next day we couldn’t even ski because of the 60mph winds. But I did manage to get one photo of the new snow before they shut the lifts hahah!

One run I managed to get in.  So basically I slept, ate, and got really good a playing NBA on Playstation 4 during my stay in California! It just would not stop snowing while we were there!

Huuuuge snowbank!

Huuuuge snowbank!

On the final day we were there they actually decided to try and run the contest. They had to try and fit 160runs into about a 4 hour window and on top of that the weather was absolute shit…. We got about 25 runs in and they decided to cancel the whole event and this is when my travel from hell began….


Ok so here’s what happened. Mammoth World Cup was done and dusted and we were getting ready to fly out to go to the Quebec city World Cup. Now Mammoth airport is infamous for being the most difficult airport to fly in and out of because of its location. To add to that on the day I was flying out it was a complete blizzard so I thought there was no way in hell I was getting to San Diego that day. Surprisingly though, I was one of the only flights to make it out of Mammoth that day and I thought I was going to just sail right over to Quebec! But that’s not how it went …

I made it to San Diego from Mammoth and my flight was delayed by 3 hours which I am pretty used to so it wasn’t a big deal. After the delay I made it to Seattle only to find that I had missed the last connecting flight to Vancouver and that the rest of the flights were cancelled until the next afternoon. I had no choice but to try and find a hotel for the night and the airline wasn’t providing any because it was weather related. At this point it was around 3 in the morning. I was exhausted and just wanted to sleep so I got on the first bus to a hotel. When I got dropped off I found out the hotel was fully booked so I proceeded to walk through a foot of slush in my shorts and shoes that were completely soaked in -10C weather… I walked to 4 other hotels who were also completely booked because of all of the cancellations. At this point I was starting to get really pissed.. I was freezing and had nowhere to go. I finally found this sketchy looking motel that had a room available and went in there and slept for a few hours. I was booked onto the 8am flight the next morning. Once I got back to the airport I checked the board and my flight was cancelled again…. I waited another 8 hours in the airport for the next flight only to find out that 10 minutes before boarding that flight got cancelled too.

This is what I kept seeing everyday….

This is what I kept seeing everyday….

Now I was really mad. So I said fuck it and took a cab to the city a jumped on the first Greyhound bus to Vancouver so I could catch a flight home from there. After crossing the border and a 5 hour bus ride, I made it to Vancouver and finally later that night made it to my house for all of 6 hours before I had to get back on a plane and fly across Canada. Everything was going great the next day all the way up until my last flight to Quebec City from Toronto and the freezing rain had started…. We got stuck on the Tarmac for about 2 hours before taking off. We finally took of and flew to Quebec city but the fog was so heavy that we couldn’t land and had to turn around back to Toronto! The only available flight to Quebec city was 2 days from the night I was there so I would miss all of my training and qualifications for the World Cup. I had no choice but to sleep for a few hours and then fly all the way back home. I have never experienced a worse travel in my entire life. All of this took me about 4 days… But I got to chill out at home for a week which was ok! Stay tuned for more content from that!


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