Stubai World Cup Qualifications

It’s game time! Qualifiers is going down today! I had a really good couple days and was able to lock down my run in training so I am feeling good!

This morning we had a little over an hour of training which was great, it gave us a chance to really get the body moving and work on those last minute touch ups before the contest! In the morning before the contest in training I like to take it a bit more mellow than the other days and just focus on my speed and rails.

For the first time ever in my career I think I was in the 1st heat dropping 1st… hahah so I basically was the one to lead the contest off which never happens to me. Unfortunately I had a miscalculation of my speed on the first run and might have got a bit to excited and ended up going a bit to big and taking a fall. I didn't let the crash get to me and I just re-focused my head space for run 2. I was feeling good before run 2 and I was ready to stomp! Everything was going great, but on the second jump I went a little bigger than normal, still landed fine but this caused me to not have as much speed for the 3rd jump as I needed for my bigger trick. I had to think quick because the trick I was supposed to do I did not have enough speed for so I quickly switched my trick before the take-off. Because of the quick thinking I wasn't able to put down the cleanest trick on the 3rd jump which caused me to have a little bobble. I still managed to put down my run but only scored a 76.66 which put me a couple spots out of qualifying. Im not going to beat myself up over it cause theses things happen, and it just fuels the fire for the next event!

Here are a couple pictures for qualifying

Stubai pic 2 qualifications.jpeg

I am heading off to France in mid December for the next World Cup and I am stoked! Hope you enjoyed the post and stay tuned!