Font Romeu, France – No Bags

Well I made it safe and sound to France for the next World Cup! Unfortunately my ski bag decided not to come along on the journey with me…. Its been a really frustrating process trying to locate my bag over the past few days, but luckily we actually flew in a couple days early so I still have 1 more day to get my bag before official training starts. My buddies got all of their stuff so luckily I was able to borrow some gear for the day so I could go shredding! We also got to test run the course today, which was super fun and it is running really nice! I managed to get used to the skis I was riding today and snagged a couple shots! Check it out!

I'll keep you updated on the baggage situation, but all in all I am really hyped to be out here and can’t wait for the contest!