Way up North! Whitehorse, Yukon

So I have made my way up into the northern part of Canada to a place called Whitehorse! I have never been this far up north in Canada so I am really stoked to be here! Originally there was supposed to be a contest this week but it has ended up being pushed back to 2 weeks from now. That’s all good though because this is a great opportunity to finally get back on my skis after over a month off and train here for the week before the World Cup in Austria that is happening very soon!

Today was awesome, it’s such a great feeling putting my skis back on after a long rest and I am feeling better than ever because of all the time I have spent in the gym over the last month. I’m stoked to be shredding here for the week and there will be lots of content coming your way!

Couple shots from today’s shred!

Feels good to be flying again :D!

Feels good to be flying again :D!

(Picture 2).jpeg

Stay tuned for content coming atcha this week!