Throwback! Excellent Soldiers 2015, Czech Republic

I’m doing a bit of a jump back in time to show you guys some unused pictures from when I went to the Czech Republic for a big air contest back in 2015! I'll be doing some throwback posts here and there so you can see some of the things you missed!

This event was actually one of the cooler events I have attended. It is in the most random little town in the Czech Republic of all places haha! The event put us up in these little houses that we shared with everyone, it was a lot of fun. They also had some awesome concerts and parties lined up for us, which was also an amazing time!

I never thought this place would be home to a big jump and kick ass skiers! Check out some pics !

I ended up finishing 5th place in the event after an insane final!

This event is happening again this year and I would be stoked to go back! Its gets better and better every time!

Stay tuned for more coming soon!


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