Jossi Wells Invitational Recap

New Zealand was an awesome trip this year!  It started out with a long haul flight over there (20+ hours of travel!), until I was able to settle in with the Mcdougall’s, one of the nicest families out there!

I met up with Jossi and the rest of the crew the next day for the first day of shredding and it was all time!  It felt great to get back on my skis and be sliding around on snow again!  We also got to test out the jump, which was one of the nicest I have ever hit, not to mention it was also a bluebird perfect sunny winter day!  We began practicing throughout the next few days and we had absolutely amazing weather; it could not have been better!!  I started getting some of my old tricks dialled in, and also was able to start messing around with some new ones.

In between all of the skiing, we also had a ton of fun exploring around the Wanaka and Queenstown area.  It is such a beautiful place and full of amazing scenery!  We went and found as many Lord of the Rings spots as we could and nerded out a little bit ;)

After a few more days of amazing practice, we had the day of finals.  5 jumps, best 2 count, for a combined score at the end.  I was feeling really good all day, landing my practice jumps and just having a ton of fun sessioning with my friends.  The contest went really well!  I was able to out to my feet two of my biggest tricks, one of them being a triple cork 14, which I had not done in over a year.  This landed me on the podium in 3rd place!  I was stoked for my buddy James Woods, who landed in first and absolutely killed it!  Also Jossi’s brother Jackson, who finished in 2nd place!

It was really nice to start the contest year off standing on the podium, and it gets me so stoked for what’s to come next!  I am going to be continuing on to Australia for another contest soon, so stay tuned! :D


📷: Charlotte Rodgers

📷: Charlotte Rodgers