Milan Big Air

Milan is such a beautiful city!!  The jump was only about 5 minutes from our hotel so you could see it from the window!

Once we got to the jump, we got geared up and tested it out.  It was definitely one of the better in-city jumps I have ever hit!  It was built really well and everything matched up so there was no trouble with speed, which was awesome!  I had a great first day of training, got all my tricks dialled in, and felt ready for the contest!

The next morning was competition day, but unfortunately the weather wasn’t looking the greatest.  It was a bit overcast and rainy, but at least it was warm so the speed held up well!  I dropped second in my heat, which was good because my legs were still warm from practice!  On my first hit I landed a bit too far down the jump but still managed to ride it out to the end, where I smashed into the barricade and flipped over it onto the cement!  Everyone ran over because from their point of view it probably looked like I was seriously injured!  Somehow though, I managed to be OK! Hah!  It was pretty scary though running into a wall going that fast!  On my second attempt I landed my trick, but unfortunately it wasn’t quite enough to push me into the finals.  I’m still happy with my skiing from that day though!

Mid dub 12

Mid dub 12

I was stoked to see Teal Harle make it through to finals and have him hold it down for Canada!  It was awesome to see him ski so well!  Shout out to him and the rest of the skiers who absolutely slayed it!

I have a bit of a break now before we get going into the busy contest season, which will be good because I can keep training and hitting the gym to get in the best shape I can! 


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