SOSH Big Air Annecy, France

Hello again!

I just got back from my trip to France for a new city event called the SOSH big air.  I arrived at the Geneva airport with absolutely no clue where to go or how to get there…so I ended up at the first information station I saw and asked for a bus ticket to Annecy, France!  I got on the very last bus of the day and ran into two of my buddies who were going to the event as well!

The following day we had practice, which was later on because the jump was still being built.  It was so unbelievably hot out (24 degrees C!) and we were supposed to be skiing that day!  We ultimately were not able to hit it because of how warm it was, so instead we took that opportunity to explore Annecy a bit!  What a beautiful place it is!  The next day the event organizers decided to try pushing the practice to later in the day, hoping the afternoon heat would dissipate a bit!  Once it was time to ski, I got all of my gear on and was really stoked to go test out the jump. My first hit didn’t go so well, I cased the jump a little bit (meaning I didn’t quite make it to the landing), which was a little scary but I knew I had to try again.  The second time I tried, the same thing happened.  I went up for a third hit and it happened again!  The contest was supposed to start and I hadn’t been able to clear the hump so I made the safe call and unfortunately had to pull out of the event.  I have never had to do this before and I was really bummed but I knew that being safe was more important than trying to compete knowing I didn’t have enough speed.  I have learned my lesson and I am going to have special skis dedicated to skiing in summer weather from now on!

I ended up watching the contest from below and cheering on all my buddies!  It was actually kind of cool being able to watch an entire contest because it was been a while!  The event turned out to be great and there were thousands of people watching, which was awesome!  Overall it was a great time and a positive leaning experience.  Stay tuned for more on the upcoming adventure of the MAD DOGS UK TOUR!


Exploring Annecy!

Exploring Annecy!

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